BenvenutoCoA civ FIN ImatraCoA civ FIN Joutseno
CoA civ FIN LappeeCoA civ FIN LappeenrantaCoA civ FIN Lauritsala
CoA civ FIN LavansaariCoA civ FIN LemiCoA civ FIN Luumäki
CoA civ FIN NuijamaaCoA civ FIN ParikkalaCoA civ FIN Parikkala (2004)
CoA civ FIN RautjärviCoA civ FIN RuokolahtiCoA civ FIN Saari
CoA civ FIN SavitaipaleCoA civ FIN SimpeleCoA civ FIN Suomenniemi
CoA civ FIN TaipalsaariCoA civ FIN UukuniemiCoA civ FIN Ylämaa
CoA civ SWE Dalarna länCoA civ SWE Gotland länCoA civ SWE Gävleborg län
CoA civ SWE Halland länCoA civ SWE Jämtland länCoA civ SWE Jönköping län
CoA civ SWE Kalmar länCoA civ SWE Kronoberg länCoA civ SWE Norrbotten län
CoA civ SWE Skåne länCoA civ SWE Stockholm länCoA civ SWE Södermanland län
CoA civ SWE Uppsala länCoA civ SWE Värmland länCoA civ SWE Västerbotten län
CoA civ SWE Västernorrland länCoA civ SWE Västmanland länCoA civ SWE Västra Götaland län
CoA civ SWE Örebro länCoA civ SWE Östergötland länCoA fam FRA Albret
Coa civ EST Harju maaCoa civ EST Hiiu maaCoa civ EST Ida-Viru maa
Coa civ EST Jarva maaCoa civ EST Jogeva maaCoa civ EST Laane-Viru maa
Coa civ EST Laane maaCoa civ EST Parnu maaCoa civ EST Polva maa
Coa civ EST Rapla maaCoa civ EST Saare maaCoa civ EST Tartu maa
Coa civ EST Valga maaCoa civ EST Viljandi maaCoa civ EST Voru maa
Coa civ SWE Blekinge länCoa fam FRA ArmolisCoa fam FRA Aubel
Coa fam FRA BonsCoa fam ITA AcheiCoa fam ITA Alerami
Coa fam ITA AlidossiCoa fam ITA AltanCoa fam ITA Angarini
Coa fam ITA ArgentinoCoa fam ITA BarbaziniCoa fam ITA Bellini
Coa fam ITA BeròCoa fam ITA BicchieriCoa fam ITA Bonvicini
Coa fam ITA CappelloCoa fam ITA CelsiCoa fam ITA Chiavari
Coa fam ITA ColonnaCoa fam ITA D'AndreaCoa fam ITA Dandoni
Coa fam ITA Della ScalaCoa fam ITA DragonaCoa fam ITA Fabroni
Coa fam ITA FerondiCoa fam ITA FoscariniCoa fam ITA Franco
Coa fam ITA GinanniCoa fam ITA GozzadiniCoa fam ITA Macchiavelli
Coa fam ITA NicolaiCoa fam ITA NovelliniCoa fam ITA Piccolomini
Coa fam ITA PignatelliCoa fam ITA PinoCoa fam ITA Pio
Coa fam ITA PrandiCoa fam ITA RobertiCoa fam ITA Rossi
Coa fam ITA SpadaCoa fam ITA TraraCoa fam ITA Vidoni
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File:Araldiz ARA.pngFile:Araldiz ARA 2.pngFile:Araldiz ARG.png
File:Araldiz AZZ.pngFile:Araldiz BRU.pngFile:Araldiz CAR.png
File:Araldiz CEN.pngFile:Araldiz CIE.pngFile:Araldiz MUR.png
File:Araldiz MUR 2.pngFile:Araldiz NER.pngFile:Araldiz ORO.png
File:Araldiz POR.pngFile:Araldiz ROS.pngFile:Araldiz SAN.png
File:Araldiz SAN 2.pngFile:Araldiz TEN.pngFile:Araldiz TEN 2.png
File:Araldiz VER.pngFile:Araldiz partito ARG-ARM.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-AZZ.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ARG-CVA.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-NER.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-ORO.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ARG-POR.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-ROS.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-VAI.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ARG-VAM.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ARG-VER.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-ARG.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ORO-ARM.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-AZZ.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-CVA.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ORO-NER.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-POR.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-ROS.jpg
File:Araldiz partito ORO-VAI.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-VAM.jpgFile:Araldiz partito ORO-VER.jpg
File:CoA civ SWE Blekinge län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Dalarna län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Gotland län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Gävleborg län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Halland län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Jämtland län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Jönköping län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Kalmar län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Kronoberg län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Norrbotten län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Skåne län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Stockholm län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Södermanland län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Uppsala län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Värmland län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Västerbotten län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Västernorrland län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Västmanland län.png
File:CoA civ SWE Västra Götaland län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Örebro län.pngFile:CoA civ SWE Östergötland län.png
File:CoA fam DEU domantz.pngFile:CoA fam DEU kemmerer dalburg.pngFile:CoA fam DEU salisch.png
File:CoA fam DEU weyers.pngFile:CoA fam ESP alos.pngFile:CoA fam ESP amigant.png
File:CoA fam ESP luna.pngFile:CoA fam FRA Albret.pngFile:CoA fam FRA armolis.png
File:CoA fam FRA aubel.pngFile:CoA fam FRA auvers.pngFile:CoA fam FRA beaujeu.png
File:CoA fam FRA bellet de tavernaux.pngFile:CoA fam FRA bons.pngFile:CoA fam FRA clugny.png
File:CoA fam FRA frottier.pngFile:CoA fam FRA jonac.pngFile:CoA fam FRA refuge.png
File:CoA fam FRA rohan.pngFile:CoA fam FRA sauterau.pngFile:CoA fam FRA uguet.png
File:CoA fam FRA varlet.pngFile:CoA fam GBR maynard.pngFile:CoA fam ITA achei.png
File:CoA fam ITA alerami.pngFile:CoA fam ITA alidossi.pngFile:CoA fam ITA altan.png
File:CoA fam ITA angarini.pngFile:CoA fam ITA argentino.pngFile:CoA fam ITA barbazini.png
File:CoA fam ITA bellini.pngFile:CoA fam ITA berò.pngFile:CoA fam ITA bicchieri.png
File:CoA fam ITA bonvicini.pngFile:CoA fam ITA cappello.pngFile:CoA fam ITA celsi.png
File:CoA fam ITA chiavari.pngFile:CoA fam ITA colonna.pngFile:CoA fam ITA d'andrea.png
File:CoA fam ITA dandoni.pngFile:CoA fam ITA della scala.pngFile:CoA fam ITA dragona.png
File:CoA fam ITA fabroni.pngFile:CoA fam ITA ferondi.pngFile:CoA fam ITA foscarini.png
File:CoA fam ITA franco.pngFile:CoA fam ITA ginanni.pngFile:CoA fam ITA gozzadini.png
File:CoA fam ITA macchiavelli.pngFile:CoA fam ITA macchiavelli 2.pngFile:CoA fam ITA nicolai.png
File:CoA fam ITA novellini.pngFile:CoA fam ITA piccolomini.pngFile:CoA fam ITA pignatelli.png
File:CoA fam ITA pino.pngFile:CoA fam ITA pio.pngFile:CoA fam ITA prandi.png
File:CoA fam ITA roberti.pngFile:CoA fam ITA rossi.pngFile:CoA fam ITA spada.png
File:CoA fam ITA trara.pngFile:CoA fam ITA vidoni.pngFile:Coa civ EST Harju maa.png
File:Coa civ EST Hiiu maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Ida-Viru maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Jarva maa.png
File:Coa civ EST Jogeva maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Laane-Viru maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Laane maa.png
File:Coa civ EST Parnu maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Polva maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Rapla maa.png
File:Coa civ EST Saare maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Tartu maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Valga maa.png
File:Coa civ EST Viljandi maa.pngFile:Coa civ EST Voru maa.pngFile:Coa fam FRA la fevre.png
File:Coa fam GBR byron.pngFile:Coa fam GBR yorke.pngFile:Coat of arms of Joutseno.jpg
File:Etelä-Karjalan vaakuna.pngFile:Favicon.icoFile:Fourrure héraldique Hermine.png
File:Heraldic Shield Argent.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Azure.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Gules.png
File:Heraldic Shield Murrey.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Or.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Orange.png
File:Heraldic Shield Purpure.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Sable.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Sanguine.png
File:Heraldic Shield Tenné.pngFile:Heraldic Shield Vert.pngFile:Imatra.vaakuna.png
File:Lappeen vaakuna.pngFile:Lappeenranta coat of arms.pngFile:Lauritsala.vaakuna.png
File:Lavansaari.vaakuna.pngFile:Lemi.vaakuna.pngFile:Luumäki vaakuna.PNG
File:Meuble Moucheture d hermine.pngFile:Modern French shield division - party per bend.pngFile:Modern French shield division - party per bend sinister.png
File:Modern French shield division - party per fess.pngFile:Modern French shield division - party per pale.pngFile:Nuijamaa.vaakuna.png
File:Simpele.vaakuna.pngFile:Skydas potent counterpotent.pngFile:Skydas potent potent.png
File:Skydas potent potentenpoints.pngFile:Skydas safiruote argent.pngFile:Skydas safiruote azure.png
File:Skydas safiruote bleuceleste.pngFile:Skydas safiruote brunatre.pngFile:Skydas safiruote carnation.png
File:Skydas safiruote cendree.pngFile:Skydas safiruote gules.pngFile:Skydas safiruote murrey.png
File:Skydas safiruote or.pngFile:Skydas safiruote orange.pngFile:Skydas safiruote purpure.png
File:Skydas safiruote sable.pngFile:Skydas safiruote sanguine.pngFile:Skydas safiruote tenne.png
File:Skydas safiruote vert.pngFile:Skydas vair vairenpointe.pngFile:Skydas vair vairinpale.png
File:Vair.pngFile:Vair antique.gifFile:Wiki.png

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